The Avantgarde Acoustic brand stands for a clear promise, and this promise begins here: the entry model UNO XD

The UNO XD Series is a scaled–down version of the classical DUO system. By employing smaller 10 inch bass drivers and by integrating the horns as part of the speaker body, we managed to reduce the cabinet structure considerably. The objective was to accomplish the clarity and power of its “bigger“ brother in a significantly reduced enclosure.

The 500mm spherical midrange horn covers a wide bandwidth down to 300 hz. The active subwoofer SUB225 XD Series supplements the balance between spherical horn performance and low frequency reproduction. It is actuated by two 10 inch long– excursion drivers powered by a 1.000 Watt amplifier.

All horn drivers are equipped with Omega voice coils. With this high impedance technology we improve the interaction of mem- brane movement and amplifier signal, to realise the full potential of the spherical horn technology. The result is 18 ohms imped- ance combined with 107 dB system sensitivity – likely the highest figures in any production speaker.

Using Avantgarde Acoustic ́sTM CDC–technology, we precisely align the frequency response, sensitivity of the driver, the geometry
of the membrane and the air chamber at the horn throat to the response curve of the spherical midrange horn. This way the midrange driver has no passive filter components in the signal path – routing the music signal directly to the voice coil of the driver engine. Less components, less interactions, less friction ensuring more detail.

The tweeter of the UNO XD series is equipped with the patent pending Capacitor–Polarization–Circuit to bypass the structural limitations of capacitors. By applying a polarization current to the conductors of a custom designed capacitor, we managed to eliminate the physical phenomenon known as “dielectric memory effect”.

Frequency control in the low frequencies is managed by an ad- vanced digital sound processor. The digitally controlled frequency crossover ensure a seamless integration of the bass response
to the spherical horns. The DSP is equipped with 10 parametric equalizers to fine control the sound to the customers taste and to the acoustics of the room.



All New UNO XD Nothing like the G2.

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By significantly increasing the impedance of the speaker, Avantgarde Acoustic ́sTM Omega technology effectively improves the control of an amplifier to better drive the speaker system.

The ability of a power amplifier to control the movement of the speakers membrane is defined by the damping factor. The higher this damping factor, the stronger its authority to force the voice coil to follow exactly the music signal.

The damping factor is determined by the quotient of the speaker load impedance and the output impedance of the amplifier.

An amplifier with an output impedance of 0,04 Ω will thus have a theoretical damping factor of 100 when connected to an 4 Ω speaker. Adding a 5m speaker cable with 0,36 Ω and a resistance of the passive crossover components of 0,6 Ω, the effective actual damping factor will decrease to a value of only 4!

Connecting the same amplifier configuration to the UNO XD will result in a real damping factor of 18. Thus the control of the amplifier has increased by 450% and at the same time the negative effects of long speaker cables has been reduced by 80%.