New KingSound

Electrostatic Headphones with Amplifier.

For those of you who love electrostatic headphones, you are going to be drooling

over the crisp detailed sound from these

ultra comfortable headphones.  The electrostatic loudspeaker is very simple in concept, but difficult to construct successfully in practice.

Its operation relies on electrostatic attraction and repulsion, in much the same way as a piece of thin paper attracted to a rubber balloon that is charged by rubbing it against fabric, While hats off to those established in the world of high end Electrostatic headphones for delivering superb audio reproduction many simply adore and aspire to one day owning, KingSound have taken a new leap forward with their new series and the price to performance ratio has improved dramarically meaning that dream is now a new reality .

KS-2 Headphones : $849.00 inc GST

KS-2 with M-10 Amplifier : $1,099.00 INC GST PACKAGE

KS-4 Headphones $ 1,499.00 inc GST

KS-4 with M-03 Portable Amplifier $2499.00 inc GST PACKAGE

KS-3 with M -20 Amplifier $3,995.00

Check out IFI iTube bundle with KS-2 & M-10 $1,599.00 Package

Check out the IFI Bundle Buys with the IDSD-Nano

ESL/DSD Combo, perfect match. 

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Retro series launch IFI-RETRO-STEREO-50














FI  :TUBE KIT $229 inc GST  now in stock 
The IFI Tube Kit - Twin Pack 

·  Original NOS General Electric GE5670 valves with custom-made 6922 
adapter, functional equivalent to all 6922 valves. 
·  Direct 6922 drop-in, upgrade over all current production 6922 valves*. 
·  Custom-made 6922 adapter with heater line power filter for additional 
noise reduction. 
·  Precise temperature and time-controlled thermal treatment to rejuvenate 
the GE5670 NOS valves. 
·  Special selection process: hand-picked, 48 hour burn-in and then matched 
by computer. 
2 x GE5670 valves with custom-made 6922 adapter (matched pair) 1 x Cotton glove (for handling the valves) 
The GE5670 + 6922 adapter have been formed together so they cannot be separated. If replacing at some point in the future, replace the whole unit. Do not attempt to remove the GE5670 tube by itself as damage/injury is likely to occour. 


The retail price of the DC iPurifier US$99 (ex-tax) $225.00 ins GST AUD

SPDIF iPurifier

Jitter killer; put the quality back into the sound


SPDIF is ubiquitous, but needs jitter sorting

SPDIF is back. With platforms like PS4, Xbox, Apple TV and Google Chromecast etc., SPDIF output has once again become a popular medium for enjoying good sound. However, such SPDIF outputs are loaded with jitter which effects sub-par sound quality.

The new SPDIF iPurifier runs the SPDIF signal through 4 comprehensive signal optimisation and regeneration stages.  The SPDIF iPurifier eliminates all source jitter and regenerates a perfect SPDIF signal - resulting in warmer, more dynamic, resolving and flat out more life-like sonics.


Quieter than battery’ iPower 5V included  $225.00 INC GST



Smartphone to DAP; better dynamics, openness

The retail price $99.00 inc GST

 With great power, comes great hiss

Many headphones and in particular, IEMs are high-sensitivity in nature. This coupled with the relative high-power of modern Smartphones, (never mind dedicated headphone amplifiers) and listening enjoyment is heavily compromised as ‘loudness and/or hiss’ becomes excessive. Making listening fatigue an all too common issue.

The solution: Source > iEMatch > Headphones

By inserting the iEMatch® in between the Smartphone/Source and the Headphones, the result is sound quality that has greater warmth, resolution and dynamic contrast.

Reduced background noise/hiss

Improved dynamic range

Optimised volume control



  1. 1 Ultra (-24dB)/High (-12dB) sensitivity adjustment

  2. 2 S-Balanced® connection for Single-Ended and Balanced operation

  3. 3 6N Copper/Silver matrix signal cabling with Final 6063-T5 aluminium-magnesium alloy shell

  4. 4 Gold-plated circuit board with premium components (eg MELF resistors)

  5. 5 Gold-plated 3.5mm male/female connectors

  6. 6 Input impedance > 16 Ohm

  7. 7Output impedance > 2.5 Ohms (High-sensitivity)
    > 1 Ohm (Ultra-sensitivity)

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