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COS Engineering, founded by three close friends serious about audio entertainment, is dedicated to developing gears of the digital era that render music listening a sheer pleasure. D1, COS Engineering's first product, made its debut in 2014.





COS Engineering’s proprietary algorithm up-samples original data to 176.4K or 192K, 24-bit by a process in an array of 4096 with 32-bit precision. To rule out phase contamination that may stem from the more computationally efficient IIR filter, a linear-phase delay FIR filter is chosen. This massive computation is handled by a powerful DSP capable of 3648 MMAC (millions multiply and add) per second.

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The NEW USB Cable final stages

to be released in This September

Phoenix in stock

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The D-10 by COS Engineering  PRODUCTION UPDATE

** release date SEP 2020 **

Built with the utmost care and patience to deliver this stunning DAC which we showcased at the recent

Melbourbne Hi FI Show. Some may recall we mentioned this was to be a more conservative cost saving

finish, not a cost saving sound. Well they have kicked it up a notch and  it now shares that prestine,

perfectly sculptured design as the other family members.

Streaming DAC
+ Pre-Amplifier
+ Headphone Amplifier

LAB12 MELTO2 - Fully Adjustable Phono Preamplifier  Phono preamplifiers represent the utmost challenge for all high-end audio designers and companies. There are numerous phono preamplifiers on the market, of course, but as with the rest of Lab12’s products, we wanted to create a phono-stage that follows the profoundly different, flexible and sonically perfected Lab12 path.

Melto2 is another proud Lab12 future retro creation that fuses past and present into a fully-fledged high-end product for the 21st Century.

Melto2 is a true full tube and remotely controlled phono-stage with a high-quality OLED display, where all important functions are clearly visible and easily selectable in real time. You don’t even need to get up from your listening chair.

Years of experimenting and creating high-end audio devices has allowed us to create what we believe to be the most potent and emotionally engaging phono preamplifier, where no subtle detail is being hidden behind the noise.

This full blooded, meticulously crafted, highly adjustable phono-stage offers fine settings for impedance, capacitance, gain and even three EQ curves… and there’s more.

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Innuos PhoenixUSB is designed to make sure the integrity of a USB signal being outputted to a connected downstream DAC is as pristine as possible. “this innoucous little box uncovers an entire layer of nuances and adds focus across the entire sound spectrum that had previously been missing”.