Today, we find a magnitude of products that bring your favourite audio tracks to life. As consumers there are many brands, models and options to choose.

MAXMEDIA brings to you a table of exceptional Audio Products. Each brand or product with it’s own specialty, from Avantgarde Acoustic, a range of speakers and amplifiers that truly excite the senses including the all conquering, award winning game changing ZERO 1 XD which will open up a new chapter within the Hi End hi-fi world. A revolutionary size, simplified shape, hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology with all the pedigree of Avantgarde Acoustic and exclusive to MAXMEDIA.

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Media Servers by Innuos, take the hassle out of archiving your CD collection and output to your DAC of choice, a much applauded and exciting offering. New MK3 Series from $1950 to $21,000, beyong digital, from only $2,000* 01/05/2020

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Lab12 is  a young technology and performance driven company, bespoke design and style with true substance. From the delicate and affordable TRUE, passive pre to the Smally and Powerful, Mighty.These products should take more than a quick look and listen, they need to be in your system to illustrate what good design can sound like without breaking the bank.

BIOCORE speakers by AURELIA  are small, timelessly designed multifunction loudspeakers that can be used almost anywhere. They work with your computer, as a television sound enhancer or even on a beach on a beautiful summer day. Only your imagination sets limits to the use of the Biocore collection!


All Biocore range of speakers are made of ecological, recyclable Formi natural fiber composite.

Turntables from SCHEU are synonymous from Berlin to Ushuaia with a most audiophile sound quality, tonal balance and, last but not least, outstanding durability. They are all belt-/string-driven heavyweight turntables and they all use an inverted bearing.

DAC’S by COS Engineering  COS Engineerings’ D2 is built to turn digital data into real music. Armed with the company’s proprietary algorithm, D2 offers a fine acoustic aura, backdrop pitch-dark, stage expansive, instruments colorful and dynamic, and vocalists palpable.

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