NEW The Innuos MK3 Music Server Series

The ZEN Mk3 Music Server Series continues our pursuit of bringing Digital Music to new heights. Learning from our experience and success of the ZENith MkII SE, including our collaboration with Dr. Sean Jacobs, the Mk3 family bene ts from trickle-down technology.

We advanced our three key design areas: minimising power noise, reducing vibration and optimising rmware, resulting in the entire range bene ting from upgraded power supplies, new custom motherboards and new chassis.

ZEN Mini

Custom motherboard with dual ethernet ports - Optimisation for audio performance and network passthrough to nearby network devices.

· Optical and coaxial SPDIF digital outputs as well as RCA Analogue.

· Optional Linear Power Supply upgradeImprove sound quality using our external LPSU upgrade in matching chassis, backward compatible with the ZENmini MkII. 


For music enthusiasts who want to enjoy their large music libraries with a dedicated server delivering Hi-Fi quality, the ZEN Mk3 represents new value for money in digital audio performance. The new ZEN Mk3 now has:

· Dual Linear Power Supply – With ultra-low noise regulators and Nichicon Capacitors.

· Custom-made motherboard - With improved EMI treatment.

· Asymmetrical isolation feet - Derived from the successful design implementation on the ZENith SE.


Pushing our popular ZENith even further, the Mk3 is designed for Audiophiles who want a smoother, more relaxed sound with a wider soundstage.
The new ZENith Mk3 extends ZEN Mk3’s new features, such as the new EMI-treated Custom motherboard and Asymetrical isolation feet, and takes performance even further through:

· Premium Triple-Linear Power Supply - With ultra-low noise regulators and premium Mundorf Capacitors, using trickle-down technology from the ZENith SE.

· Vibration and eMI treated SSD

NEW : The Phoenix USB -  Reclock and Regenerate the USB signal from any source.

PhoenixUSB is designed to make sure the integrity of a USB signal being outputted to a connected downstream DAC is as pristine as possible. “this innoucous little box uncovers an entire layer of nuances and adds focus across the entire sound spectrum that had previously been missing”.

The PhoenixUSB  offers in one unit the equivalent of 3 separate components:

A USB regenerator,

A linear power supply and

An external master clock with its own linear power supply.

Innuos applied 3 main design approaches learning from their experience with the Innuos agship music server, the STATEMENT:

·  The USB chip regenerating the signal contains no switching regulators. All 3 independent voltages to the chip originate from an independent linear power supply with further regulation provided by 3 sets of LT3045 regulators.

·  The use of a 3ppb OCXO clock running directly at 24MHz and connected via a board track just a couple of inches away from the USB chip. Therefore, no precision is lost within cables and connectors, as is the case when using an external master 10MHz clock with an additional 24MHz clock generator.

·  Two independent statement-level linear power supplies, one dedicated to the OCXO clock and the other used for powering the USB chip/5V USB line.

The ZENith STATEMENT:  One really has to just listen once to appreicate why it is on the most desired list.

The NEW flagship server, designed to take Digital Audio to a new level of performance.

A state-of-the-art source for the most discerning audiophiles, designed for Audiophiles who want to extract all the detail and dynamics out of their music.

“Buffed Up and Yet Gorgeous in design with that ease of use as Innuos do so well.

New Linear Power Architecture

Partnering once again with Dr. Sean Jacobs, a new power supply architecture was designed exclusively for the Statement. The power supply is distributed between two enclosures, with one enclosure containing the AC/DC conversion stage and the other containing the regulation stage together with the server components.

The advantage is clear: regulated “clean” power traverses a very short path, soldered point to point, with the least resistance and exposure to EMI. This is superior in efficiency compared to a traditional architecture where a separate power supply is used – regulated “clean” power needs to go through more obstacles of internal cabling, output connectors, cable, input connectors and more internal cable before it reaches its destination.

8 Independent Linear PSU Rails

Each critical component of the server receives its own dedicated power supply from one of the 8 independent power rails, further preventing component cross-contamination. Of particular note is the use of a dedicated power supply for each of the Ethernet and USB high-precision OCXO clocks, ensuring these clocks work at their best.

Custom-designed Ethernet

and USB Re-clocker

Not fully satisfied with existing USB and Ethernet re-clocking designs, Innuos designed in-house their own boards for this purpose. At the heart of the design are 3 principles: The use of very high-precision OCXO clocks for timing the signals, extreme care in powering important components preventing cross-contamination, and extremely short paths between components.

While the use of OCXO clocks is not new, the way they are powered and the layout of the board has proven to be extremely important for their performance. As an example, dozens of USB controllers were analysed in terms of how they were powered and clocked so that they allowed this control to be done externally. The USB Controller is regulated by no less than 3 ultra-low noise regulators, one per independent voltage.

Keeping the clock very close to the controllers, via a dedicated track on the board itself, helps to avoid the losses in signal quality that come with the use of external clock units.

10mm CNC-machined

Aluminium Chassis

Housed in a casing of 10mm-thick CNC-machined aluminium, the Statement is not just a pretty face. The thick metal enclosure helps to isolate external EMI, and its weight helps dampen harmful vibration into the system. By using a double-enclosure design, it also helps to contain the vibration effects of the massive 540VA toroidal transformer at its heart.

Custom-designed Motherboard

The motherboard has been fully EMI-optimised to our own exclusive design by, removing any unnecessary, noise-generating components capable of compromising audio. A fully-customised BIOS ensures the hardware works at its lowest noise without impairing performance. Further EMI treatment is then applied to the motherboard so that EMI is absorbed rather than reflected to other components.

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The NEW Phoenix Range

Pricing and Availability

Innuos was founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom with the vision that you don’t need to sacrifice sound quality nor be a technology wizard to enjoy the convenience of Digital Music at your fingertips. This vision can only be achieved through the combination of three core principles:


Our multi-disciplinary team combines expertise in Computer Hardware, Audio Hardware, Networking and Software Engineering to create our products end-to-end.


By working closely together with end users and partners alike, we really understand what different customers require in a music solution. This has been driving our research and development since day one.


Digital Audio is a fast-evolving area, with new products being constantly introduced in the market. Instead of designing closed solutions, we build our products to be open, allowing integration with the most popular Hi-Fi and Multi-room products in the market.

Some Great feedback from new Innuos owners        


March 2020

Hi Cameron

This innocuous  little box uncovers and entire layer of nuances and adds focus across the entire sound spectrum that i’d been completely missing, Essential Buying : M

July 2020 

Hi Cameron, a little bit scratchy digital at first but immediately you could hear a lot more detail. 

After it had a couple of days on the clock the overall sound came smoother, the most impressive thing is the pin pointing of the instruments and the improvement of the sound stage illusion and how the sound no longer came from the speakers. I also discovered today playing some baroque music that the ensemble are now definitely in a small church hall you can really hear into the music which is quite important particularly for bigger orchestra as it is now a less muddied sound with instruments more clearly defined.

Money well spent : L 


Hi Cameron,

Just a brief update so far. Going very well now. Tried with a CD copy done on Zen and then off my SSD and no discernible difference- so happy with that. Last night switched the JC1s on to full class A mode (25WCH ) and whilst not initially noticing a massive difference, I was particularly happy with the more vinyl sound- ie not severe swings in dynamic range, no CD Tope end harshness (—and pleasantly no lost detail - while being very good on hissy sibilants) and not the usual two dimensional feel common to digital play back. 

I was very, VERY happy it juts expanded things i already liked and mated very well with our home system- as so often one new component as different tonal characteristics and whilst well reviewed, is a total mismatch,,,,i have now switched amps back to A/B - 12WCH/400WCH per amp and still awesome on a varied mix of genres. All in all ticking the right boxes. It passes the TWF as she like the lifelike rendition to! PS, good suggestion on using iPeng ( also got Orange Squeeze for the other devices as well) The sound seems more open and less stifled somehow compared to ,,,,,, might be just wishful thinking in my part, but i think that is sounds a bit better! A


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Lockdown is over and demo’s are back on the agenda.

For Fellow Victorians, we hope we find you well. We know it has been a very long and very trying set of six lockdowns. I  thought 200 days was going to be the milestone, i was wrong and so it rolled on and, 260+ days later we hope that during such time you at least got to enjoy some of the basic luxuries of life, music.  We are here to make that luxury  more enjoyable, we are here to change perceptions. See you soon!