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Rack Your IFI


The Premium Update Model

With 3 Pairs Of RCA Cables

$299.00 Inc GST

iFi USB iPurifier - Every USB DAC Needs One ? well not sure but the feedback suggests so, from top end units to small desktop DAC products.

Just place the iPurifier between your USB cable and DAC, and you should hear instantaneous mprovements.

This little device will clean up your computer audio and you will hear more of your music, the only product of its kind in the world, this inexpensive accessory puts the "analog" back in USB audio.

IFI  : IPURIFIER      $145 inc GST 


70 CM 349.00 inc GST  

150 CM $449.00 inc GST

To reach the absolute zenith in USB audio quality, we recommend the Gemini cable (for separate audio and power transmission) combine with the iUSB Power (to supply pure, clean power) Listen, on its own, its a baragain of an audiophile tweak/uprade to the existing standard USB cables and many that rival it at 4X the price. It’s got the sound stage, detail and if you have a decent system, it will assist in your bottom end,,,,hmm nice. 


50 CM $179 inc GST   In Stock * price includes P&H

For those with a high end DAC like the AMR DP-777, this is the USB cable you’ll need. Featuring

the same high quality properties

that the Gemini has, without the

Twin Type a USB heads.

Available iwith three lengths,

70cm, 1mtr and 1.5mtr.

IFI  : iPOWER - There are just too many dudes on-line selling back in

We have been advised these guys on the link attached are great on-line retailers so knock yourseld out