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True Brand Flagship Model  : ICAN-PRO

iFi is proud to present its flagship Professional ‘Pro’ series. The first product in the range is the Pro iCAN – a studio-grade headphone amplifier AND audiophile line-stage. Inside beats ‘two hearts’ as there is are two individual Solid-State and Tube amplification sections – selectable on the go.

There is nothing quite like the Pro iCAN; literally.


NEW Micro – iDSD BL


The iFi micro iDSD Black Label is the newest iFi micro flagship product.The micro iDSD Black Label. The best, evolved.


$799 INC GST

with BONUS iSilencer 3.0 & Freight

At the heart, beats the Burr-Brown DSD512/PCM768/2xDXD True Native® DAC with headphone amplifier.

The Black Label looks very good on the outside yet the inside is even better where relentless attention has been paid to advancing the sonics with the very latest components:

• DAC digital signal and digital power sections upgraded

• AMR Global Master Timing® femto-precision clock system upgraded for ‘super low’ phase-noise/jitter

• Analogue signal and power sections revised

• 3D+® performance-tuned / XBass+® performance-tuned

  1. Latest Output stabilisation network offers less distortion


Digital Audio Players (DAP) and home SPDIF sources are abound. Flexibility remains key and the micro iDSD BL retains the intelligent SPDIF in/out socket for optical/coax signals. So for those who wish to upgrade their DAP, simple use it as a transport and feed the micro iDSD Black Label.

Battery for music on-the-go


From the very hungry HiFi Man HE-6 down to the Sennheiser IE-800, the micro iDSD Black Label is able to play hi-res out and about for 6 to 12 hours respectively. Even when not in use, it is able to charge an iPhone from 0% to 100% two times through its side USB charging port.

The High-Res heart remains – DSD512/PCM768/DXD2x


The micro iDSD BL retains the unrivalled technical capabilities of its predecessor. This means it is capable of true native playback of all music formats from MP3 all the way up to 512DSD/768PCM/2xDXD.


Burr-Brown Chipset x 2

The Burr-Brown DAC chip used was one of the last chipsets from BB Japan (though it was introduced post-merger). This chipset was Burr-Brown’s ‘swansong’ and embodied all their converter technology. It is unrivalled in terms of subjective musicality and is a mainstay of the iFi line including the micro iDSD Black Label and is used in the upcoming showstopper, the Pro iDSD.

with BONUS iSilencer 3.0

or Buy MICRO IDSD which now supports MQA ,  BUNDLE it with the IUSB and well do the pack for $999.00 shipped with a iSilencer and a DC iPurifier.



 User-selectable amplification modes – liveliness of Solid-State or luxury of tubes*

Professional headphone amplifier and high-end pre-amplifier

Super-powerful 14,000mW headphone output power

 True Balanced, fully-balanced, fully-discrete circuit topology

 3D Holographic® dual-analogue matrices for headphones and speakers

XBass® analogue bass correction system corrects Headphone/Speaker Bass response

Reference class parts quality from Elna Silmics to Silver Mica capacitors

Expansion port for iFI Electrostatic Headphone (Stax etc.) Energizer module (4Q 2016)
*(2xGE5670 tubes).


Light Edition


Big Performance Great Design                   




The original nano iDSD redefined

The new nano iDSD ‘LE (Light Edition) in stunning dark titanium is a price down, feature down reboot  delivering the same stunning ‘True Native’ Burr-Brown PCM/DSD chipset

Headphone power output of 130mW with 10-hour battery life

RCA outputs on analogue volume control


 Burr-Brown ‘True Native’ chipset

 AMR trickle-down ZeroJitter Lite® for low-jitter/phase-noise

 DC-Infinity circuit, DirectDrive® Servo-less circuit

Battery-life ~10 hours* dependant on levels.

(Compared to original nano DSD,

No SPDIF out,

No filter switch


Press Release

Small, dark and handsome

Power Source: Battery/USB Bus power

Formats: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/384KHz PCM