Based on the classic Duo, the new Duo omega is a super–speaker combining extreme power with the pioneering Omega and CPC technology by Avantgarde Acoustic™. It represents a perfect relationship of two decades of spherical horn heritage and engineering excellence. A muscular spherical horn system created through the continuing desire to raise the bars.

The Duo Omega began as a “boot camp“ style project, to explore the possibilities of improving the interaction of membrane movement with amplifier signal, to realise the full potential of the speakers already formidable 27 inch spherical horn system. The project resulted in a system re–engineered, re–tuned and re–mapped to achieve phenomenal super–speaker potency.

Great spherical horns need great drivers – it is the heart of any high–performance system. In the Duo Omega case, those great drivers are powerful yet meticulous, refined midrange and tweeter systems – the M2Ω and H2Ω. Both are equipped with precious neodymium magnets and the boundless unsurpassed Omega high impedance voice coils of Avantgarde Acoustic™. Assembled by skillful hands in Lautertal. Made with pride and esteem. Piece by piece.

The result is a stunning 18 ohms impedance combined with a staggering 107 dB system sensitivity – likely the highest figures in any production speaker on this planet.

Despite these immensely impressive figures and the instantaneous nature of their response, the Duo Omega is also full of finesse. The tweeter of the Duo Omega is exclusively equipped with the patent pending Capacitor–Polarization–Circuit to bypass the structural limitations of capacitors. By applying a polarization voltage to the plates of a uniquely constructed capacitor, the Avantgarde Acoustic™ engineers managed to eliminate distortions caused by the physical phenomenon known as “dielectric memory effect”.

Built with the finest materials available today, crafted with ultimate precision and painstakingly matched, these CPC capacitors are a piece of engineering art in their own right.

The effect of CPC is stunning. There is much more detail. But at the same time the sound is more fluid and sweet. Under hard acceleration, the Duo Omega can project an exhilarating roar; but at the same time, the growl always remains tender and melodic.

Although from the outside identical to the standard 8 ohm Duo and using the same SUB225 bass module, the Duo Omega is in a class of its own. The innovative technology of Avantgarde´s State–of–the–Art Omega drivers and the patent pending CPC circuits are not only evident in reproducing subtle musical nuances, but manifest as an unforgettable lifetime experience.

XD Series Update - XD series = fully digital programmable

„XD“ is a synonym for Xtreme Digital. This indicates, that all new Avantgarde XD products are now DSP controlled and fully programmable in the low frequency. Also it is possible to perfectly optimize the frequency response to the any room. New Page Being Built Now



                                                             All New XD DUO

                                                         Nothing like the G2.