more power
more dynamic headroom


10-band parametric equalizer - subsonic filters
programmable to taste & room


see YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAVJj6OIs_I



A unique “customized“ eq will be computed and uploaded to your speaker.
The result is a made-to-measure sound with a perfectly balanced interaction

of speaker and room.

Unparalleled sound & quality doesn’t come by a fluke

Competent research, painstaking engineering, expert material selection, elaborate manufacturing, skillful handcraft- ing, meticulous attention to detail, concentrative sound balancing, rigorous quality control... the list of in-house capabilities for creating truly unique luxury-grade products at Avantgarde Acoustic could still be continued!

Our goal: perfecting and elevating the horn principle - the silver bullet of loudspeaker technology - in every detail, and fulfilling a quality claim that sets our products apart. Because we believe that our valued customers deserve products that entirely justify their confidence manifested by becoming an Avantgarde owner, contentedly inviting our horn speakers into their homes, and ultimately into their lives.

Still other variables remain in the “good sound formula” of a high end hifi system, and arguably the biggest of them is the listening room, its acoustic properties respectively. In many rooms and with many loudspeakers the placement becomes crucial, and often what would be acoustically favorable cannot be realized in practice! The result is a mis- match of speaker and room, and thus a degree of sound degradation that either needs to be condoned or requires extensive (visible) room treatment measures.

Your room will no longer be a bottleneck

With an Avantgarde Acoustic speaker, the obligatory horn loading of midrange and tweeter sections already impli- cates a controlled sound dispersion that vastly avoids negative influences of early (thus strong) room reflections. With introducing the XD series in 2016 we take another leap, extending a control feature also to the bass range, by adding a powerful and comprehensible DSP equalizer to our active subwoofers.

Operated by the freely distributed XD-SERIES CONTROL (or ZERO CONTROL) software, the DSP (or FPGA) is programmed by an informative graphic interface, offering parametric EQs. This can already be a powerful tool for an experienced listener who dares to create his own filters during listening sessions.

But for exploiting the capabilities of the DSP/FPGA to the full, we offer 2 in-house “Audio Holography” services that assess and “tailor” room acoustic compensation curves based on capturing acoustic data by either collecting room dimensions or by measuring the room response with scientific precision.

With this Audio Holography service at hand, the horn speakers of the Avantgarde Acoustic XD series definitely set new standards for realizing a musically rewarding, and sonically balanced result. Independent from room properties, and always justifying the investment into our luxurious speakers, from ZERO TA to TRIO + BASSHORN!

Does it do magic to the room itself? No, frankly not. A computer program and a DSP cannot change a room! But the interaction of room and speaker, especially in the bass range, can be drastically enhanced by applying precise compensation. So where most other fully passive speakers will fail to adequately perform under challenging condi- tions (regarding room acoustics or speaker placement), our semi or fully active horn speaker models will excel, and deliver a sound they will be loved for.

Why is Avantgarde so different?

Avantgarde  = Spherical Horns

●  Oldest principle of sound

●  Bionic Horn Technology is based on
Th e Physics of The Human Ear

The Horn Technology

Unique Technical benefits

High Resolution at any Volume

Minimum Effort -   Maximum Enjoyment 

Engaging    -     Compelling     -      Enduring

HOLOGRAPHIC SERVICE BROCHURE Avantgarde_Acoustic_XD_Innovation_files/Audio%20Holography%20Brochure.pdf