Slam in the band

The Saphira surprises listeners with its deep and powerful bass-impact. The Saphira strikes with a power, which can typically be heard from much clumsier and uglier loudspeakers. However, we are talking about an extremely elegant product which can be located in the living rooms of even the most sophisticated design-homes.

The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) of the Saphira is at the absolutely highest level!

Four DDC-bass units are used in the Saphira, aligned vertically in a line. In this way, the directivity of the midrange is increased significantly. Thus, the soundstage is transferred much better to the listener than with traditional loudspeaker solutions. A superbly smooth and sophisticated tonal representation is achieved when this alignment is combined with our ECW-tweeter system.

By using four DDC-units in a line alignment, the slam of the bass region is uncommon in its size class. Saphira effortlessly reproduces all kinds of deep bass-impacts with a force felt in your chest. The combination of a bass slam and midrange transparency are convincing to every music enthusiast.

The petite and slender appearance of the Saphira may obfuscate the viewer. A real powerhouse lies under the elegant shapes, which serves even the most demanding music lovers in all music categories.



Technical specification:

Operating principle

2-way vented


1” titanium, ECW waveguide


4 x 5,25” DDC

Crossover point

1 800 Hz


6 ohm

Sensitivity dB/W/m

90 dB

Frequency response

35…20 000 Hz

Power recommendation

20…350 W

Dimensions h x d x w

1100 x 315 x 145 mm


22 kg