Leading the Wave

When the objective is the best sound without any compromises, the answer is the Aurelia Graphica.

The Graphica is a 2-way cylinder wave radiator, where the lower frequencies (below 1.5 kHz) are produced by six DDC Isomatrix-bass units which are placed in a line. The upper frequencies are reproduced by a new innovative tweeter-system which we call the Cylinder Source Radiator. The CSR-waveguide generates a coherent cylindrical waveform for upper frequencies, behaving in a similar way to ribbon tweeters, but without the restrictions which are typical for these.

Thereby, the Graphica reproduces the whole frequency range so that sonic waves proceed to the listener in a cylindrical form instead of in an omnipolaric form which is typical for traditional solutions. In this way, reflections from the floor and ceiling are almost completely eliminated. The sound created is much more direct and clean in the listening position compared to traditional loudspeakers.

The sound generating method is very similar to large panel-speakers. Therefore, the soundstage which the Graphica can create has a similar kind of 3-D feeling and credibility which is typical for panel-speakers. However, the dynamics of the Graphica is superior to virtually any other panel-speaker. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Graphica combines the best properties of both dynamic speakers and panels. The first issue which the Graphica brings to mind is the total purity of the sound.

The Aurelia Graphica is the loudspeaker which will become a yardstick for acoustical design far into the future. The sound of the Graphica is so extraordinary that you really have to hear it to believe it.



Technical specification:

Operating principlE

2-way vented


3 x 1” titanium, CSR waveguide


6 x 5,25” DDC Isomatrix

Crossover point

1 500 Hz


6 ohm

Sensitivity dB/W/m

91 dB

Frequency response

32…20 000 Hz

Power recommendation

20…500 W

Dimensions h x d x w

1570 x 350 x 145 mm


30 kg