“Massive performance for such a small speaker”

The Aurelia Cerica is an example of how new solutions are envisioned, even when these don’t even exist yet. The Cerica is a tour de force of intuition, combined with skill and easily compares to any loudspeaker of its size at any price.

Similar technical methods are used in the Cerica as with her bigger sister, the Graphica, but at a more compact size. The Cerica is an acoustically symmetric 2-way speaker, where the lower frequencies (below 1.5 kHz) are reproduced by two DDC Isomatrix-bass units and the upper frequencies (over 1.5 kHz) respectively by a Cylinder Source Radiator-tweeter system which behaves like ribbon unit.

The Cerica forms the sound waves, so that the most important frequencies are progressed to the listener as a cylindrical form. This significantly diminishes reflections from the floor and ceiling. With this, the sound reaching the listener is cleaner and the phase behavior is closer to the original performance than when reproduced with traditional speakers. Thus, the illusion of a live-concert feeling is literally tangible with the Cerica. In addition, the dynamics and depth of the sound represents the best quality of its size.

The clean and dazzling sound of the Cerica has widely amazed both enthusiasts and professionals. In addition, the Cerica is a visually very tempting loudspeaker. The integrated stand makes the Cerica look both sturdy and very delicate.



Technical specification:

Operating principle

2-way vented

Tweeter waveguide

3 x 1” titanium, CSR waveguide


2 x 5,25” DDC Isomatrix

Crossover point

1 500 Hz


8 ohm

Sensitivity dB/W/m

87 dB

Frequency response

40…20 000 Hz

Power recommendation

20…200 W

Dimensions h x d x w

545 x 350 x 145 mm


15 kg

“Truly capacious and unusually advanced soundstaging and a brilliantly integrated upper mid/treble transition that’s most informative indeed.”
“Very intelligent choice for discerning listeners with medium-sized spaces and high-quality hardware.”

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