A symbiosis of Art and Sound

The first thing which catches the eye with the Aurelia Ambera is her graceful and stylish appearance. Even the most critical viewer is pleased with the esthetics of the Ambera. However, the essential purpose of the shape is to serve the main function of the speaker, namely the sound. With the Ambera, this materializes in the best possible manner.

The Ambera uses the same DDC-bass unit as her little sister, but with double the amount. The result is dynamics combined with a delicacy that mesmerizes even the most experienced listeners. The Ambera effortlessly reproduces even the most demanding concert pieces.

The combination of the ECW-tweeter system and two DDC-bass units forms an acoustical combination which increases the vertical directivity in the critical midrange area. As a result of this construction, the harmful first reflections from the floor are considerably diminished. This avails to keep the sound clean and pleasant. The sound contains everything that it should possess, with nothing extra.

The Ambera can create a three-dimensional soundstage which really carries the listener.

Aurelia Ambera is the loudspeaker where timeless shaping is combined with an extraordinary sound. It will provide happy experiences for the listener for years to come.



Technical specification:

2-way vented


1” titanium, ECW waveguide


2 x 5,25” DDC

Crossover point

1 800 Hz


8 ohm

Sensitivity dB/W/m

88 dB

Frequency response

38…20 000 Hz

Power recommendation

20…200 W

Dimensions h x d x w

1020 x 215 x 145 mm


12 kg