For most loudspeaker manufacturers, the guiding principle in the design of speakers is to try to find speaker elements, the characteristics of which correspond to the manufacturer’s opinion of the correct sound and are suitable in regards to their pricing to designed frameworks. After this, the elements are attempted to be adapted together by tuning the crossover. Normally, the elements are installed as such to the surface of the housing. In marketing, emphasis is primarily focused towards the quality of the used elements and components, whilst the principles of acoustic design are often neglected.

The starting point for the design of Aurelia loudspeakers is however, quite different. For us, the functioning of a loudspeaker is based purely on wave-motion physics. Our design assumes that the radiator systems formed by the loudspeaker elements must be compatible with the scale of the produced wavelengths. In this way, the best possible convergence is attained between the element systems and a constant total radiation is produced in all directions. We call this principle, wavelength reasoning.

The elements and components that we use are of top quality, but they are primarily designed to function under the conditions of our developed acoustic concept. We always stress the significance of the acoustic design on the basis of the final results. Not even exotic components can compensate for an acoustic design which is inadequate.

The following is the main differences between Aurelia designing methods and traditional loudspeaker design

A meticulous acoustical adaptation

The basic principles of physics are taken into account in the acoustic design. In the real world, this means that the units are used within their most natural frequency ranges. By performing matters this way, the units don’t have to be forced to reproduce frequencies which are inappropriate for them. Hence, the amount of required electrical correction is minimal and the sound is pure and clean.

All in all, the acoustical system of Aurelia speakers provides a better sound quality than can be achieved from traditional speaker solutions containing similarly priced technology.

Smooth energy response

The basic operational principle of Aurelia speakers guarantees a very smooth energy response compared to ordinary speaker systems. In real listening circumstances, the sound changes in an extremely controlled manner while moving off from the listening-axis. Additionally, the speaker more effectively directs the sound towards the listener. Thus, the amount of reflected sound from the walls and floor is lower than usual. As a result, Aurelia speakers even behave in a civilized way in the most challenging listening environments.  In the rooms where the quality of sound is normally ruined by a high reverberation, Aurelia speakers still sound pleasant and under full control.

Controlled bass reproduction

A totally new kind of bass-unit has been developed for Aurelia speakers. The emphasis of the design is concentrated towards the interaction between the amplifier and the bass-unit. The amplifier must have total control over the cone movement in all situations to guarantee a tight and controlled bass reproduction. The better the unit is at obeying the “orders” from the amplifier, the higher quality of the bass even in the deepest impacts. The ability to follow a signal from the amplifier is exceptionally good with our bass-system, which we call the DDC (Dynamic Damping Control). With the DDC-unit, the bass reproduction quality of the Aurelia speakers absolutely represents the best of their class.

A natural soundstage

The issues which most particularly distinguish Aurelia speakers from the competition are their wide, deep and three-dimensional soundstage. The soundstage which these speakers create provides a significantly increased presence and dimensionality than our competitors. The soundstage of the Aurelia speakers is closer to electrostatic panels than traditional dynamic speakers.

The first thing which comes to mind while listening to the Aurelia speakers is the total purity of their sound. The sound which is produced contains everything which should be present, and nothing extra. The clean, intangible and unperturbed sound which is created simply hypnotises the listener.



Totally new kind of construction is used in Aurelia speakers. Aluminium profile is used at upper and bottom part of speaker. Painted or veneered side parts are connected to Alu-profiles by sturdy pleat connections which make Aurelia cabinets exceedingly stable. In addition of being stable the construction allows production procedure to be especially flexible and effective. This is the main reason we can offer such of   High-End quality at so reasonable price.

Aluminium Profile, Exotic finishes, Natural Soundsatge